When we started our family 22 years ago Kody and Meri shared a dream of a big, united, loving, plural family.  As Janelle and Christine came into the family and the children started coming we continued to work together to raise the kids as brothers and sisters.  When Robyn came into the family, we did the same thing.  It is important to us to live as one big family with all the kids recognizing and loving each other as brothers and sisters.

We work together to try and build our family the best we can.  We are all very different and unique and bring different opinions and backgrounds into our family.  When we disagree on things we speak to each other, try to understand all the others opinions and decide what to do.  We have many family meetings to decide what should be done with everything; children, vacations, money, goals, business, and whatever else comes our way.

We have the incredible responsibility of raising these 17 children in a loving environment filled with possibilities.  We encourage our children to continue their education and attend college fulfilling whatever career they choose.  We would love our children to marry who they choose and raise a wonderful family.  Even if they choose not to enter into a plural family we fully support their decisions for their own life.  We have been blessed with happy, healthy children and hope for wonderful things in their future.

We have a firm belief in our faith which does include living plural marriage.  We also embrace the ideals of freedom of choice, charity towards all people, a personal relationship with God and having a Christ-like attitude towards others, loving and accepting them where they are.  We raise and encourage our children to embrace our beliefs and hope their relationship with God is their most important one.  All the wives in our family chose to enter our family.  We all fell in love with Kody and he with us.  Before each plural wife came into the family each wife gave her consent and believed that she belonged in our family.

We look at all people like we hope they look at us, with open minds and open hearts.